“Awards are certainly not an obsession and it is not awards that I think about when I imagine a new cheese. However, they remain an important recognition because they attest to the level we have reached. It is a gratification for me, but also for all my collaborators and an incentive to imagine something new again.”

De’ Magi cheeses over the years have won many awards. From their first national participations in 2010, they have risen to international prominence with awards won several times in the World Cheese Award. Already in 2018 there are as many as 26 awards, some of them received by the same cheese in multiple competitions. In 2019, the first international awards arrive. At the World Cheese Award, the three cheeses presented in the competition all go on the podium.
It is Black Horse and Caprone that win the silver medal, and Antani taking first place. 

Three more World Cheese Award medals come in 2021 with Ira (Bronze), Zefferina (Silver) and Caprone (Gold). The following year, in London, it is Gorgonzola Dolce DOP De’ Magi that is ranked second best cheese in the world, and the same review is graced with two more medals for Gorgonzola piccante DOP De’ Magi and Cocco La Mela.

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