Double prize at “Crudi in Italia”

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The National Competition of raw milk dairy products was held in Asciano (Siena) together with the event “His Excellence the White Truffle of the Crete Senesi” and in addition to promoting raw milk Pecorino, aims to enhance all dairy products made with raw milk, awareness of breeding, milk production methods and their subsequent use in the perspective of the “short chain” and traceability of the product.

In this context, we have entered three products in this competition: “Sola Soletta” of Cow, “Goat’s Becco” and “The Castana”, iced chestnuts, rum and cocoa marbled cheese. With great satisfaction, of these three, two received the first prize: the “Becco” and “The Castana”.

The greatest satisfaction was the fact that “Castana” was entered in the competition even before it was put on sale, that’s it was a cheese still being studied and tested, so let’s say a prototype, but it was able to receive the consent of the jury.

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