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This is a new burrata and a variation of the classic one to offer our customers something new and surprising!
Burrata is a spun paste fresh cheese, similar to mozzarella with a softer and stringier consistency. This cheese is typical of Murgia, a region in Puglia, and specifically from Corato (Bari). This is a sweet, buttery cheese with white skin is that is smooth and glossy. Grated truffle is mixed with the stretchy strings of paste that are inside it.
This burrata is hand made from beginning to end.

Ingredients: cow milk, cream, salt, rennet and truffle (3%).
Weight:  approximately 350g.
Packing: food bag, externally decorated with green leaves.
Shelf life of packed product: 9 days.

Cheese characteristics:

SHAPE: looks like a small pear, tied at the top end to keep the stuffing inside. It looks like a sphere with a diameter f 7-10 cm.
EXTERNAL FEATURES: this cheese has a characteristic porcelain white appearance with a glossy skin.
INTERNAL FEATURES: when a burrata is cut in half, a creamy white liquid and the mozzarella strings along with black pinhead truffle dots (grated truffle) pour out of the little bundle.
AROMA: strong scents of butter and milk; as well as the typical aroma of the truffle.
FLAVOUR: balanced, savoury yet sweet, the paste is oily and rich in fat, the truffle scents are softened by the sweetness of both the cream and “stracciatella” (stringy dough).

Availability: all year, but must be ordered.

Food pairing: this new combination is a “must try”. It is excellent with a great range of pairings, both raw and in the preparation of warm first course dishes.

Wine pairing: best if served with the wines from where it is produced, like Primitivo di Manduria or Moscato di Trani.

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Truffle Burrata



Wrapped in an envelope with leaves of grass

Weight per piece
350 gr.

Pieces per box
6 burrate

Refrigerate from 0°c to +4°C

Refrigerate from 0°c to +4°C

Product life in sealed packing
9 days

Minimum Order
1 box

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