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This is certainly not a traditional cheese, in fact, has born from the desire of the refiner to go inside the cheese and try to modify both the structure and the pasta, always creating and inventing new cheeses that help to give new emotions. The name is cute, born from that characteristic Tuscan vernacular that we do not want absolutely never go far from (indeed, rebranded our origins) and it means several things … that this cheese is drilled with needles, fennel flowers are addeed with their intense aroma… they will do the rest. The taste is enveloping and persistent, and very appetizing … “pimp” because you will never be bored. The crust is good to eat, so those who want will  eat it, and will find a beautiful and pleasant feeling of fennel.

In 2016 he won the silver medal in the competition Trofeo San Lucio in the category ‘aged sheep cheese’. .

Ingredients: pasteurised sheep MILK, live milk enzymes, rennet and salt. Rind surface and inside aswell are treated with fennel flowers and fennel powder.
Weight: Approximately 3 Kg.
Packing: vacuum packed.
Shelf life of packed product: 120 days.


Cheese characteristics:
SHAPE: it is cylindrical and flat surfaces.
EXTERNAL FEATURES: the rind tends to be hard, smooth and with fennel seeds and fennel flowers. The colour of the rind is light yellow and can be seen clearly holes that has been done to insert fennels.
INTERNAL FEATURES: the pasta inside is compact, ivory color tending to straw not uniform, with distinctly darker color nail, small eyes. There are longitudinal channels where there is the presence of fennel, may be present molds due by oxigen that naturally comes inside chemins.
ODORa high vegetable scent, especially of fennel in the crust, lactic cooked butter and animal clean barn, this feeling greatly increases if you eat even the crust, that because of it can be eaten is the most interesting part of the cheese itself ..
FLAVOURslightly sweet, but then it turns out the average salty and a slight acidity in the mouth is slightly grainy at the center and a lot more gritty crust, but quite soluble in total, has a medium to high persistence.

Availability: limited.

Food pairing: it is great on a cheese platter, as antipasto as well as for a tasting of pecorino cheeses.

Wine pairing: not easy at all to find a wine to combine with this special cheese. Probably the best choise i s to find an aromatic wine as well

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“Buhaiolo” – Pecorino RESERVE refined with fennel





Weight per piece
About 3 Kg

Pieces per box
1 piece

Refrigerate from +2 °C to +6 °C

Refrigerate from +2 °C to +6 °C

Product life in sealed packing
4 months

Minimum order

1 piece

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