Andrea Magi, master refiner

A passion for cheese since boyhood

Andrea Magi, master refiner, was born and raised in Tuscany, in Castiglion Fiorentino, in the province of Arezzo. A land of ancient traditions and excellence, where the passion for good things and the cult of beauty meet to give unique emotions. A region that knows how to look to the world, and at the same time knows how to be admired by the world. A frank, direct, biting, ironic and at times irreverent land. And knowing Andrea, you could not imagine him in a different place.

For him, too, food and good eating have always been a family affair, as his parents have run a historic wholesale distribution business for more than 50 years.
Andrea, since he was a boy, has been helping and taking care of the cheeses: one of his tasks was washing them. A gesture, almost a ritual, seemingly simple but teaching a lot.

Adjusting the temperature of water according to the type of cheese is a key factor in enhancing its flavor. So he approaches this “ancient world,” studying and deepening the raw material, techniques, and traditions.
This experience will be fundamental, and this is why De’ Magi cheeses are still cured strictly by hand, without resorting to machinery used by industry.

A true control of the raw material, an “obsessive love,” as Andrea Magi himself calls it. He searches for the products, tastes them, chooses them. And he grows them. And Only after endless trials does he offer them to his customers: specialized delicatessens, wine shops, bars and restaurants.

His research is for fine palates and the curious who want to discover and experience new sensations.

De Magi's birth - alchemy of cheeses

From family experience, assiduous study and a growing passion, the De’ Magi brand was officially born in 2010. Andrea’s collection of affinati took shape and the first workhorses, now recognized worldwide, were born, such as Croccolo (internal link), Crosta d’Oro (internal link) and many others.

In 2012 the dream of the ageing caves came true (internal link), which will be built from Andrea’s own design and today represent the heart of the winery: a perfect mix of the tradition of cave ageing and the innovation of a highly technological environment.

The two climate-controlled caves, built underground at De’ Magi’s headquarters in Castiglion Fiorentino help take, to even higher levels, the techniques of cheese aging and experimenting with new paths with ever-new raw materials and materials.

It is in this magical place that the work of cheese aging becomes increasingly experimental and alchemical, constantly searching for new techniques, new flavors, new emotions.

Alchemy is not science, it is not mathematics. For Andrea, it is a subtle play between cheese, nature's ingredients and the hand of man. The refiner chooses flavors and aromas to create cheeses that are always different, new and surprising. It takes intuition and instinct, combined with experience and knowledge. It is also important to be very patient, to control and care for one's creatures until they take on the desired smell and aroma.
Hard to explain a passion, you can only taste it."

From 2010 to the present

This evolution and the relentless desire to improve have led to numerous awards, both nationally and internationally.
From 2010 to the present, De’ Magi cheeses have won awards in national competitions, such as Infiniti Blu, and international ones, such as the World Cheese Awards. They have participated in television programs, gastronomic events such as Vinitaly and Taste in Florence, and also boast prestigious collaborations with star chefs.

The culture of refining in Italy is growing slowly but steadily, and Andrea Magi is one of its protagonists.

We spread the passion for cheese around the world

“De’ Magi is a business that strongly believes in the culture of cheese, which is why we are committed every day to promoting the knowledge of cheese and its endless possibilities. After years of work and passion, we are proud to be able to bring the culture of aging and cheese to all Italian tables and around the world.”

A journey that also takes shape outside the company

The journey into the world of cheese does not stop within the company. In fact, Andrea Magi is National Counselor of the O.N.A.F., and Delegate for Arezzo and Siena of the National Organization of Cheese Tasters. He is also a member of the “Guilde Internationale des Fromageres” confraternity.

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