Refined cheeses are cheeses that, using various techniques, are put in contact with one or more ingredients for a certain period of time so as to obtain a completely original, new and surprising product.
To refine means to perfect, to transform the material, to make it better.


The Selection gathers together some of the most well-known and iconic cheeses, personally chosen by Andrea Magi and that rightfully deserve to enter this “De’ Magi” category.
These are cheeses that are rich in history and tradition and that over time have become synonymous with national and international regional excellence for their method of processing, very high quality, originality and richness of taste.

Consulting & training

The training service is aimed primarily at food service facilities, with a distinction between kitchen staff and wait staff, and anyone who has a desire to learn about De’ Magi cheeses to the fullest, analyzing fundamental topics such as cutting, presentation, use and storage.

Where to find De' Magi cheeses


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